Is it possible?

At long last, I have finally attended the same college two semesters in a row. Now, after my first week of a new semester I’ve come to a conclusion: I like school. Not just Bible classes like I thought. It’s entirely possible that I like learning in general. Just don’t tell anyone. I’ve got a couple really good classes this semester and some that already have me counting the days until summer. Regardless, with a full time job, 13 units, and the occasional worship gig at Woodland Christian, it should be another interesting semester. By interesting of course I mean NUTS!!!


3 Responses to Is it possible?

  1. Casey L. says:

    congratulations, gumpy. i am glad that you realize that you like school; you will realize it even moreso once you graduate and aren’t in school anymore (at least that’s how it was with me). i am actually considering going back to school beginning this summer or next, but until i know the details i don’t want to publicly commit to anything!

  2. Casey L. says:

    oh, and i don’t mean that i’d be leaving my job here (no way!). but i might have found a decent distance ed program where i’d only have to be on campus 1-3 weeks a year. cool stuff.

  3. bryangumpy says:

    Do they do undergrad?

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