Responsibility (Day 1)

Today I had the specific and imediate responsibility be a good employee, assistant coach, son, brother, friend, and boyfriend. That’s how my day went. Work, practice, babysit for the folks while they’re out of town this weekend, go bowling with the brother, girlfriend and friend. Before I sleep tonight there has been laughter, arguments, brotherly love, and even a little bit of blood (but more than you might think). What I’m trying to say without saying is it was one heck of a day. Thanks for letting me vent in a somewhat ambiguous way. I’ll keep it posted if anything interesting happens while my parents are gone. I wouldn’t get my hopes up…

One Response to Responsibility (Day 1)

  1. Em says:

    Might I say that you were FANTASTIC!? And yeah, it’s always the innocent that bleed and more than they should. Eek. I’m so glad it all worked out well!

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