Can I borrow your church?

One of the setbacks of not having a church building: no Shaun Groves. Awhile ago I looked into booking him for Woodland Christian chapel but he couldn’t work it into his schedule. While looking into it I started to get this feeling that turned out to be true: he’s touring for free! That’s right. Check out his blog. To bring him to your church, it’s going to cost absolutely nothing! So basically, I’m just looking for a place to host this thing. I’m ready to make the call. “Can Shaun come out and play?”

6 Responses to Can I borrow your church?

  1. shaungroves says:

    You find a place and I’m ready to play.

  2. Casey L. says:

    yet another reason for you to come out to grand junction and join heritage church…not only do we have a building, we even have chairs!

  3. Jen Smith says:

    Have you asked Les? We could totally do it at WUF again. I was there for the last concert, (I think someone else was playing too) and Shaun was my favorite artist. If he does play in Woodland again, let me know…

  4. bryangumpy says:

    I found a place now, but because we’re out on the west coast they’ve gotta book a couple other shows in the area in order to get out here. Nothin so far…

  5. bryan2 says:

    this was a long time ago huh?…..thought i would point that out.

  6. bryangumpy says:

    Thanks for pointing that out.

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