Young, Restless, Reformed.

This is what I’m about to write a paper on.


5 Responses to Young, Restless, Reformed.

  1. Casey L. says:

    what class are you writing this paper for?

  2. bryangumpy says:

    Haha, Humanities. My final is a writing assignment: write 5-7 pages on something specific. Yeah, that’s it. Something specific.

  3. Casey L. says:

    You ought to post this paper–if you feel like it, of course. Incidentally, Mark Dever is doing a series on this topic over at his blog. The series is entitled “Where’d all these Calvinists come from?”

  4. bryangumpy says:

    I would’ve by now, but it didn’t turn out very well. It was supposed to be an ultra specific paper but my audience wasn’t a Christian one so I had to basically water it down to just defining and explaining Calvinism and I’m sorry to say that due in part to the restraints of length limit and time, it’s nothing I’m very proud of. However, I’m willing to e-mail it to anyone interested.

  5. Casey L. says:

    Well, you don’t exactly give it a ringing endorsement, so you make me think I could probably do without it. But either way you go, you know?

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