Remember This?

So you might remember this video I made last year when I gave a message at Woodland Christian High School last year.  I watched it for the first time in months today and a whole year later I am still dumbfounded by the answers some of these people gave.  I expected there to be people who would say that Christmas is not about Jesus.  I expected people to say that they aren’t down with the commercialism that Christmas brings with it now. I even expected some people to actually say that Christmas is about Jesus.  What I did not expect was the amount of people who are willing to admit that they know it’s supposed to be about Jesus but couldn’t care less.  To be honest, making this video broke my heart.  Ignorance is one thing, ignorance I can help with. Changing hearts? Yeah, still can’t do that.    So I post this not to show off my sweet video editing skills, I found mistakes and I can’t figure out how they made it past me before.  This is just a reminder that there are plenty of opportunities to combat Santa and his onslaught of commercialism with good news!  Myspace won’t let me embed my own video here so try clicking this


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