Ok, just kidding.

As humorous as I may (…or may not) find the Burger King video, I can do without it. On the other hand, every year I’ve gotta listen to Harry Connick Jr.’s When My Heart Finds Christmas. It’s been my favorite Christmas album for probably a decade which, for all of you math wizzes out there, is about half of my life. James Taylor’s Christmas album has been gaining ground in recent years but I don’t see it taking first place in my heart any time soon. However, last year I stumbled across Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God and would highly recommend it to…well…anyone.

What’s your favorite Christmas album?


10 Responses to Ok, just kidding.

  1. butterscotchgenius says:

    Was that William Hung with Down’s Syndrome?

  2. Casey L says:

    i’m insulted that you “stumbled across” andy peterson’s album just last year after my constantly playing it during the entire month of december 2004.

    and i actually find myself consistently underwhelmed by james taylor’s album. it’s pretty good and all, but i think i just expect more from it. it’s hard not to think of how good it could be. it’s kind of seems like he didn’t really try very hard when he made it. plus i hate his “jingle bells” rendition–along with any other song where james taylor tries to sound bluesy.

    this year i bought sufjan stevens’ 5-disc album “songs for christmas.” it’s hard to describe, but go buy it. you won’t be disappointed. and if you are, then keep listening and it will probably grow on you.

    there’s a multi-artist album (w/ derek webb, andrew osenga, etc.) entitled “your king has come” that is awesome too.

    and for something bad to rival that burger king kid, check this out…


    i really should start my own blog so i stop taking up so much room in your comment sections…

  3. bryangumpy says:

    My apologies in regards to my ignorance of AP’s album. I must’ve been working on zoning out distractions in preparation for your messages. Yeah…that was it.

    As far as James Taylor’s goes, I’m in complete agreement with you that it could be better and that that rendition of Jingle Bells had no business being made. However, James Taylor at 50% is still better than most people as far as I’m concerned.

    I’ve never listened to Sufjan Stevens but have been hearing more and more about him lately and am intrigued. The funds aren’t available for such a purchase but I’ll probably see if I can stream it from somewhere online.

    As far as “O Holy Night” goes, I very literally laughed out loud. That was horrendously humorous. Thanks for the link…I think.

    Keep the comments coming. At least somebody’s taking up some room.

  4. Casey L says:

    i’d never even heard sufjan stevens before, but i heard his christmas album was good, so i went ahead and got it. i don’t know if his other stuff is any good, but it’s probably at least okay.

    and since you don’t have money to get new stuff, i’ll tell you about something else you won’t be able to buy. it’s well worth it to get the video of the behold the lamb of god concert. it most sounds similar to the cd, but a guy named pierce pettis sings “it came to pass,” and he’s got a really weird but cool voice which is awesome. plus there’s funny director’s commentary that makes good use of the word “cankles.”

    but for good free stuff, go to http://www.kink.fm and click on the holiday channel link on the left hand side of the page. their stuff is usually pretty well chosen.

  5. bryangumpy says:

    Actually, I have the DVD and not the CD. Done deal. Thanks for the linkage.

  6. Casey L says:

    well, if you already have the dvd, then you need to get the cd. andrew peterson himself sings “it came to pass.” it’s a can’t miss!

  7. bryangumpy says:

    Hmm, I might like that better. To be honest, it took awhile before that dude’s voice grew on me.

  8. Casey L says:

    yeah, i didn’t really like his contribution at first either, but now when i listen to the cd i always miss it when that song comes up. and it’s been rumored that i try to sing over andrew peterson’s voice with my best pierce pettis impression when i’m in the car alone or only with my daughter, but that has never been confirmed.

  9. bryangumpy says:

    Ahhh, how privileged that little girl must be. That is, if the rumors are true.

  10. Bradley Geiser says:

    the rat pack christmas album rapes all other christmas albums

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