Let It Snow.

Sometimes I try to imagine which contemporary artists are producing music that will stand the test of time. I mean decades, not centuries like Beethoven or Bach or anything. I think about the musical taste that I’ve acquired from my folks, how I listen to a lot of the same stuff they listened to when they were young, and then try to envision what my children will pick up from my generation. Probably just the same stuff I got from my parents. However, Jamie Cullum is one of my favorite musicians out there right now, probably because he’s playing jazz most of the time and jazz is something that I will teach my children to listen to. If you haven’t listened to him before he’s worth a listen. I came across this video today and couldn’t help but post it. Jamie Cullum doing a Christmas Carol? Pinch me.


One Response to Let It Snow.

  1. Casey L. says:

    This song resonates with me right now because it won’t stop snowing here. It snowed last Saturday night for the first time this year, and then snowed again on Monday night, and then again last night (but it’s a beautiful day today–all sunny outside right now). It’s cool and all to get snow, but some of my hoodlum junior highers like to hit me with it. It’s the cross that I bear.

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