So Lent is something that I never really even considered doing until last year. Isn’t that something that Catholic people do? Well that’s what I always thought, but I started realizing that more and more Protestants that I know are doing it and figured, giving something up for 40 days to better focus on the sacrifice our Savior made sounds like a great idea.

Well Wednesday I was thinking about how last year I decided it was something I wanted to try, only I didn’t until it was too late. So Wednesday I decided to check out when Lent is this year, turns out it started that day giving me no time to think about what I wanted to give up. Tonight I decided I’m not going to let that stop me and I’m just going to do it for 38 days. Somehow I think that’ll be enough for its purpose to be served.

Now the issue is what to give up? While I was working at Dutch Bros. tonight, a customer came by and told me about how she and her sister chose what the other would give up and it sounded like an interesting way to go about it. That way the temptation to take it easy on yourself wouldn’t be a problem. I’m pretty sure I’ve got my mind made up but just for kicks, I’ve got two questions. For those of you who know me- which should be pretty much all of you, I don’t get too many strangers reading my blog- what would you suggest me giving up for Lent and then if you’re participating what are you giving up?


18 Responses to Lent.

  1. bryan2 says:

    give up caffeine for those days, and also, not going to class. see if it makes a difference.

  2. Michelle says:

    I second the vote for attending class every day of lent. I’m not participating per se, but with the exception of Valentine’s Day I’m following a February resolution to eat healthier, and i guess that’s kind of comparable.

  3. Seanzie says:

    I would suggest giving up media. by this I mean computer (as recreation, continued use is okay for school, bill paying etc), TV, video games, music that doesn’t inspire you spiritually and all books but the bible (and stuff you have to do for school). That is my suggestion only because it is what I have been wanting to fast from for a while, but have not had the discipline to do so.

    Good luck in your lent, sir.

  4. Kelly says:

    I’m humoring you. And I’m going to say a ditto to “Seanzie”- but I’m going to really up it by telling you to eliminate music. Dare to have silence in the car, at home. Obviously you can’t turn off music at work or whatever- or maybe you can? But I think that would be hard, and then take the time in the car or at home to be readin the Word (well, not that in the car.. there’s no need for you to die!), and praying.

    That’s all.

  5. bryangumpy says:

    Actually, Seanzie was thinkin the same thing I was. To a greater extent maybe, but along the same lines. I was going to just eliminate secular music, Although, I’m thinking about going for the whole 9 yards. Thanks for the suggestion, Sean.

  6. bryan2 says:

    you could give up going to the bathroom…

  7. Tim says:

    Give up myspace and other comunicative web uses, such as email, IM or blog. Along with tv of course. imagine, no time spent on TV (which average joe watches 4 hours a day), and how many hours are you typing worthless ideas and reading the same on your computer? DO IT!

  8. kaitlyn says:

    Im thinking you should give up coffee…. it will be exceptionally difficult considering our place of work.

  9. nikki says:

    hhhmmm…..i would say music…
    considering its basically your life..it would be hard to do…but i have faith in you gumpy!
    i’ve had music taken away from me before by my mother…no cd’s..no radio..no mtv..bet..mtv2…vh1 and ever since i was little music has been a big part of my life and it kills me when i can’t listen to it.
    sssooo…since it means so much to you…i think you should go with music.
    i was thinking about giving up something for lent this year just for fun. but i have no idea what i woud give up.

  10. Aunt Cindy says:

    I think you should give up carbs, think of the benefits. Maybe I should too!
    You brother got a Sweet Guitar!

  11. Casey L says:

    Is that really your forehead? If so, I say give up forehead washing.

    Also, giving up secular music is a cop-out, and it’s too hard to pin down. What about a Christian band signed to a secular label? What if a Christian band has a cover of a secular song on an album? It’s too complicated.

    If you’re going to do a fast, be a man and give up food.

  12. JC says:

    Media/caffeine – either one will alter your life: one spiritually, the other physically. If you did both, it would provide you with sensibility and the ability to be sensible! Why choose one! Go for the whole deal! You will emerge a new guy! I promise!

    And if you really want to tweak your system, add a sugar fast! You would be “holy” indeed with the triple threat!

    Note: I’ve done them all, separately. The Media-Fast made the biggest difference!

  13. Paul Mathers says:

    I know I’m late and I’m not necessarily recommending this path. But back when I was at Shakespeare Orange County one of the directors told me that he used to throw his back out all the time. He had awful back pain. Then one year for Lent he gave up processed sugar and his back pain went away.

    Neat, huh? That’s my Lent story.

  14. Daniel Gumpy says:

    so what did you end up giving up? and how is it going? My friend that i sit by Edna is catholic so every year I give up something sorta in commiseration with her … she usually gives up something she really struggles with, this year it’s all manner of sweets including chocolate, she is doing OK so far … me , I gave up cheetos … so far so good! ha ha and you???

  15. bryangumpy says:

    Secular music was the decision that I made. However, I kind of regret it. Considering how much I listen to secular music at work, it’s not really a noticeable difference. When at home or in my car, it’s been nothing but the Christian stuff though. It’s been nice.

  16. Daniel Gumpy says:

    I miss cheetos! …. come on easter!

  17. bryangumpy says:

    Hahaha, I guess Lent is working for you then, huh?

  18. Daniel Gumpy says:

    yeah kinda, it’s not like a normally have them more than a few times a week, I can’t speak for anyone else but when i want some cheetos no sun chip is gonna do it for me so I think next year I’m gonna give up “crunchy” cheetos and I’ll still have the puffy ones to lean on and kinda limp my way through lent .. or maybe I’m missing the whole concept and should give up all manner of snack foods …. I dunno

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