963 Coffee.

First things first. Let’s get something straight. I love Dutch Bros. Coffee. I have never discouraged anyone from going there. I am not discouraging anyone from going there in this post. They’ve been good to me and I plan on being good to them for a long, long time. That being said, I just came across the website for 963 Coffee and I think the 963 Coffee Project is awesome.  Combining coffee with helping people impoverished people? Why didn’t I think of that? Check it out if you’re into either. But keep coming to Dutch Bros. too.

P.S. I ❤ Dutch Bros.


2 Responses to 963 Coffee.

  1. Casey L. says:

    Wait, so you’re saying I should never go to Dutch Brothers anymore and only buy coffee from this 963 place? And that you hate Dutch Brothers? I’m surprised, but hey, whatever you say.

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