It’s been 6 months…

…since I last had a decent workout. Tonight at the gym was a rude awakening. Muscles that I had forgotten about are now getting the attention they’ve been missing because…well, I just punished them and they’re mad at me. They’re mad because, well, I’m out of shape. And of course by out of shape I mean out of my old shape…which was still out of shape. So I guess to say it in a more concise manner, I’m more out of shape than I used to be. Now that I’ve got a place to work out again, I plan on getting back to my first degree of out shape, not the superlative of out shape that I currently find myself in. If I get there in a decent amount of time, maybe I’ll up the ante and shoot for “in shape”. One step at a time right? All I know is I want this guy to be my workout buddy.



2 Responses to It’s been 6 months…

  1. bryan2 says:

    Well put.

    …and there are stairs at school…gay..and…ouch..

  2. Laurie says:

    What’s the rush? Lily loves you just the way you are!!!!!

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