He needs a blog.

And not one on myspace. I’ve been trying to peer pressure people into starting blogs lately. Brad started one but we’ve got to get him updating more. So I think Augie’s going to be the next guy. Help me get him started. Leave a comment on his last myspace blog telling him that myspace blogs are for high schoolers and someone as adept at writing as him should have a big boy blog. That’s right, I went there.

Casey, you too.

6 Responses to He needs a blog.

  1. Casey L. says:

    I like how I’m nothing more than an afterthought in this post. But that’s okay.

    But I do think Augie should start a blog of his own, because I’ve thought of a good name for it…wait for it…wait for it…BLAUGIE! (*rimshot*) How’s that for comedic timing? I’m very proud of myself.

  2. Bradley Geiser says:

    hey, screw you.

  3. bryangumpy says:

    You’ve been a forethought for awhile. However, I think you made up some excuse about not having anything to write about or being too busy having a ministry and a family. I dunno, something lame like that.

  4. Augie says:

    Wow, Blaughie!

    It sounds like the sound that comes out when a frat boy projectile vomits.

    But I actually really like it. =oD

  5. Casey L. says:

    Looks like Brad needs to deal with his anger problems. He also needs to blog about something other than just muscular men.

    And actually, I don’t have a blog because I don’t have a laptop, and it seems like the two should go hand-in-hand. I might be getting a laptop this year though, so maybe that will change. Then I’ll use the excuses of family, ministry, and nothing to write about to explain why I never update it.

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