I miss Jamie Cullum…

So today was the first rainy day we’ve had for awhile. The sun has been shining and every day for the last little while has been just beautiful. Well, today it started raining again. The 5-day says it’s going to rain all the way through Sunday. Now being the observant person that you are, you read the title of this entry and by now must be asking, “Bryan, what does a change in the weather have to do with Jamie Cullum?”

Flash back about two weeks. I have given up my secular music until Easter (except for the fact that I work around secular music ALL the time, but that’s a different frustration for a different day). So today when I saw the rain, I immediately wanted to put on my rainy day music: Jamie Cullum and Norah Jones. So now you understand what I mean. So today Rainy Day + Lent = David Crowder. I have nothing comparable to Jamie or Norah in the Christian realm so I had to try something completely different.

Do any of you guys have rainy day music?


2 Responses to I miss Jamie Cullum…

  1. Augie says:

    I recommend Amy Grant.

    You can make Lent a trial by fire. Big boy Lent bootcamp.

    But then again, Christian causes and fire don’t really go hand in hand.

  2. Casey L. says:

    I could probably think of others, but the best for me would undoubtedly be Andy Peterson’s Love & Thunder album. This is especially true for the first song on the album (“Canaan Bound’–which is my favorite AP song) and the last two.

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