My future bookshelves.

I can dream can’t I?



5 Responses to My future bookshelves.

  1. bryan2 says:

    ok, two comments in one, first, you posted the same picture twice, just bigger, and second, if you can find that many books you want to read, and have them all be the same size, then props to you, looks like you would be buying a lot of encyclopedia sets.

  2. bryangumpy says:

    The bottom 2 pictures are actually one picture, I guess I didn’t have to put the first one up but it’s bigger and, I feel, more impressive full size. The second view, alas, is full size as you see it. Secondly, although it appears that all of their books are very similar in size, they probably work like any other book shelf in that you can put any books you want in them, regardless of discrepancies in size because…well…they’re yours and you can do what you want…gosh.

  3. Augie says:

    Check the Kanye West blog much? ;o)

  4. Laurie says:

    I’m working on contentment and you go and post a thing like that!?

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