New Additions.

So I’m a fiend when it comes to vinyl. This wasn’t a big deal when I lived in Woodland because the only place to get vinyl there was a thrift shop or two and unless you wanted another Andy Williams Christmas album, they usually weren’t much help. Now that I live in Chico and we’ve got Melody Records, I’ve had to practice a little self control. Yesterday was a good day though. Check it out.





8 Responses to New Additions.

  1. Daniel Gumpy says:

    Sweet Baby James, Jimi & the Fab 4 thats some serious ear candy right there!!! good work

  2. Casey L says:

    dude, don’t knock the woodland thrift stores. i once found a hendrix album at the store that shares a parking lot with ruby tuesday’s. i also found a zeppelin album there, but it was pretty scratched up. the hendrix album i got was awesome, though. it was some sort of greatest hits album that was produced in the 1980’s, and the cover art had been converted to 80’s style. jimi’s face was digitized with neon triangles inserted here and there. it’s pretty cool.

    you’re right, though, that the stores with good vinyl selection can be traps. there were a couple of them in salem, but in grand junction–not so much. the junction’s anything but cool.

  3. bryangumpy says:

    To be fair, I did have a couple finds in Woodland. I did get my sweet John Denver album there. This place in Chico is an actual record store though, so the toughest part isn’t finding a decent record, it’s walking out with any money at all.

  4. Casey L says:

    and at the thrift stores, you not only walk out with some money left, you also leave with a pair of aching knees from getting down on the ground and rummaging through boxes. good times.

    john denver, eh? good stuff–he provides my colorado entrance music when i drive into the state. it couldn’t be anyone else.

  5. bryangumpy says:

    Seriously. John Denver IS Colorado.

  6. Casey L. says:

    Wrong–I am Colorado.

    Coming in behind me would be John Denver, John Elway, and some mountain man (Kit Carson or somebody like that).

  7. bryangumpy says:

    Fine. Although I can’t stand John Elway, I suppose he is the sports icon for that great state of yours.

    Oh and I neglected to comment on how accurate you were about the pair of aching knees after going through the records at those places. Reading it actually made me wince. Last time I went in there looking for records I was on crutches for a sprained ankle. That was a good time.

  8. Casey L. says:

    Yeah, I can’t stand Elway either–stupid horse-faced moron that he is. But seriously, he’s practically a god here. I’ve never seen any group of people as obsessed with a retired sports figure as Coloradans are with Elway.

    I never actually had much of an opinion either way on Elway before I moved here, though, and now I don’t like him (because of the aforementioned hero worship). It’s kind of like when I moved to Woodland and the Sacramento Kings became a huge thorn in my flesh.

    Go Blazers…

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