Man Choir

Some of my fondest memories of Azusa Pacific University took place with these guys. The APU Men’s Chorale.

Probably one of my favorites was my first performance with these guys at St. Francis Episcopal church in Upland. We did two performances, first for their “contemporary” service and then for their main service. I put contemporary in quotes because if the man leading the service is wearing robes and you sing hymns exclusively, we clearly have different definitions of contemporary. Moving on…

It just happened to be bring your pet to church day. Awesome. People had brought their dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, you get the idea…all to be blessed by the minister. Again: awesome. So in this contemporary service, our choir outnumbered the congregation two to one and once we started singing we wanted nothing more than to be able to just blend in. We started singing a hymn that was altogether unfamiliar to us. I remember us making it a verse or two before we started shielding each other so we could get our giggles in although after reading the first verse I don’t see how we made it that long. It culminated in a handful of us actually hunched over laughing. Thankfully there were enough of us in man choir that we could stick them in the middle out of the sight of the congregation. Maybe you had to be there, but here are the lyrics nonetheless. And some videos of one of Man Choir’s more recent performances. Give em a listen. They’re awesome.

A Sing of all Creation

Dolphins leaping, swallows gliding,
Glory in God.
Wolves a-howling, eagles soaring,
Glory in God.

Buffaloes and cattle roaming,
Horses stamping, bears a-prowling,
Sheep a-grazing, squirrels hoarding,
Glory in God.

Elephants and tigers roaring,
Glory in God.
Alligators and coyotes,
Glory in God.

Skunks an roaches, ants and spiders,
Rattle snakes and mountain lions,
Have their place in all creation,
Glory in God.

Hamsters snuffing, geckoes sunning,
Glory in God.
Cats a-snoozing, dogs a-panting,
Glory in God.

Goldfish staring, rabbits hopping,
Doves of peace on Francis lighting,
Shyest creatures in our stillness,
Glory in God.

Dragons sitting on their trasures,
Glory in God.
Flames that burn but warm our houses,
Glory in God.

George released the dragon's wisdom,
Pierced the darkness with his lancing,
Fierceness met with courage blending,
Glory in God. Glory in God. Glory in God.

3 Responses to Man Choir

  1. Casey L. says:

    Wow, those lyrics are amazing. The song starts out super cheesy, but it at least makes sense, but by the end it’s about slaying dragons–incredible! And who’s George? And why did you never play this when leading the youth band at FBC? Methinks AJ Ruiz could have come up with some amazing motions for this one.

    Oh, and bring your pet to church day? How have you never told me about this? And why do I have so many questions?

  2. Laurie Mathers says:

    That is seriously got to be one of the wackiest things I’ve ever heard referred to as a hymn. No wonder you couldn’t sing it with straight face.

    I know there’s a Catholic tradition that involves the blessing of the animals, but I can’t recall the details. It wouldn’t be much different than our Sunday night home fellowship last week, with Auggie and Maxine! We should make an official day of it, Bring Your Pet to Church Day, and you could sing that song. I’m sure Pat would be all for it 😉

  3. shanon says:

    you gotta do riiiiight cuz it wont be long… it wont ge loooooong!

    haha. that reminds me of WCHS choir and Mr. Wooten. You’re choir did a whole lot better though.

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