I’m Four Teeth Short

This morning, those lovely molars that you see were in my mouth. Can’t say that I’m going to miss them though. All in all, today has been FAR easier and less painful then people led me to believe it would be. Some people anyway. Pain hasn’t been an issue at all. It was not being able to feel my tongue, bottom lip, or chin that was the bothersome thing. I thought I knew what numb felt like, but today I realized that I had no idea.  There’s something magical about your girlfriend wiping the mixture of blood, saliva, and water off of your chin because you didn’t feel that you were…well…leaking. The biggest bummer though is I’m supposed to be off of solid foods for a two or three days but I seeing that as an excuse to have a milkshake binge, whatcha think? I knew you’d see it my way. I just have to remember not to use a straw and I think somehow I’ll manage. Honestly though, this beats the heck out of going to work. Today was a lot of sitting on the couch watching DVDs and tomorrow is going to involve sitting on the couch doing a lot of studying. If today is the worst of the pain then shoot, I might look into having this done once a month. If I could just figure out how to grow them back…

The MVP today has to be Rachel. I know, I know. That’s two posts in a row that I’m gonna brag about my girlfriend but I’ll try and keep mushiness to a minimum, honest. She took me to the office this morning, waited in the waiting room until I was done, paid excellent attention to the dental assistant while she tried to explain how Rachel could best take care of me today (Despite my best efforts to make both of them as smiley and giggly as me. Let’s just say that after our first meeting, anesthesia and I get along fantastically.), picked up my meds and a bunch of yummy soft food from Safeway, and has been feeding me, replacing gruesome gauze, and keeping me company all afternoon. After all that, you would crash on my floor too.

Honorable Mention…oh yeah. That Dr. Brownridge guy and all the other people who made it possible for me to have 4 wisdom teeth removed in 45 seconds (In my memory anyway) and for me to leave with smiles and giggles. Good work guys.


2 Responses to I’m Four Teeth Short

  1. Aaron says:

    Christina didn’t appreciate that. (She has an aversion to teeth and would have preferred if you had kept the image “under the fold” and put a big disclaimer at the top of the blog…)

    I just had mine pulled two years ago!

  2. Laurie M. says:

    Poor Rachel! Poor Bryan! We love you. both You might feel a bit worse tomorrow, so don’t be surprised by that. But get well soon.

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