Psalm 69:9 and Hamlet 2.

More than once already I’ve been invited to see Hamlet 2. Each time I was pitched the “funniest” points of the previews only to be angered and offended to a degree I don’t reach often. Apparently I’m supposed to be amused by someone who writes a play that is celebrated for its controversy that is culminated in a song and dance number titled “Rock me sexy Jesus”.

Let me make myself clear: anyone or anything that is going to trivialize or mock Jesus is going to be met by fierce opposition on my part.  I don’t take myself so seriously or treasure my position in the minds of people to the point that I won’t allow myself to be made fun of. Do you want to mock me? Knock yourself out. I spent my elementary school years severely overweight and bearing the last name Gumpy. Mockery and teasing are not strange to me and in all sincerity have lost their sting.

However, never expect me to condone or be amused by the mockery of my Lord Jesus Christ. If you want to anger me, mock Jesus. If you want to break my heart, belittle Jesus. The only identity I have that I hold any value in is my identity as an imitator and follower of Jesus Christ. These thoughts were swirling around my head and today while studying for Sunday night, John MacArthur in his commentary quoted a Psalm that seemed extremely applicable:

For zeal for your house has consumed me, and the reproaches of those who reproach you have fallen on me. (Psalm 69:9)

To offend Christ is to effectively offend me, just so you know the next time you want “entertain” me with something that is outright blasphemous. The sad part is that one day the people that blaspheme now will bow their knee and open the very mouths they use for evil to profess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Phil 2:11). If only they knew what their future held.

Forgive them Lord. I sincerely believe that they know not what they do. How could they and continue?

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