Down and Out Again.

God in His awesome providence saw it fit for me to teach last night. However, He did not see it fit for me to go to Santa Cruz. Yesterday afternoon I was noticing that I had some weird irritation on my face. I thought it was weird but, whatev right? Well this morning I woke up and it had taken over my face (along with a killer headache) and had crawled down my shoulders and onto my arms. I knew I had to go to Woodland either way, either to meet up at Woodland Christian and go to Santa Cruz and tough it out, potentially contaminating everyone, or so that I can go to the doctor’s office in Davis. Yeah, I chose the doctor. Sorry Dub C. Turns out it’s either a reaction to the antibiotics I was taking for my wisdom teeth or some kind of virus. The doc favors the antibiotic theory, I favor the latter. I’ve had the antibiotic before with no problems and this time I finished it a week before this reaction started. Hopefully he’s a better diagnostic than I am.

Anyway, enough about breakouts. Last night the second half of my message was largely inspired by a message CJ Mahaney gave at Resolved this year. I wish I could link to it directly but their web site is set up differently and it’s not possible. You should listen to it anyway. The audio is free and he did a much better job than I did. Go to the Media Vault. Click on Resolved. Then Resolved 2008. Then Audio Downloads. Then go to the second page and download Session 11: The Cry From the Cross. Awesome.


Update: So it’s probably been 8 hours and about 5 of them were spent either in bed or on the couch. I think it’s safe to say this is a virus. He said he didn’t think it was a virus because “[I] would feel like crap.” Well, now I do. Rachel saved the day though. Read about it.


3 Responses to Down and Out Again.

  1. Laurie M. says:

    I’ve listened to the resolved conference via ipod and recognized a bit of it in your message – the part that you attributed to his sermon about us knowing He was God because He “stayed up”. That conference was awesome. I’m so glad you got to be there.

    As far as last night’s message goes, you were clear, and easy to follow. Your assertions were well thought out and well supported by the Scriptures you presented. I was blessed to have heard it.

  2. Kelly says:

    I’m a little freaked out, Gumpy. What kind of virus takes over your face?!

    …And when did you get smarter than a doctor? That’s cool. Kudos.

    I’m glad that you’re preaching. How did you feel? Did you feel comfortable up there? It’s so good to have those opportunities. Doing that is better than trying to go to a seminary, you know that? If you have someone in the ministry who is seasoned and able to disciple you and help you understand Bible study, and sermon prep, and the ins and outs of ministry, then you have more experience than you will get in 2 years at a seminary- maybe not as much of the “head stuff”, but so, so, so practical in preparing you, if that is what you are called to do. Future pastors should really be instructed in churches today.

    You are loved my friend.

  3. bryangumpy says:

    It’s this freaky-deaky rash!!! This morning my face is doing a lot better and I’m actually feeling fine. It’s just the rest of the rash that needs to go away.

    Sunday was the second time I got to teach Bible Study. My pastor and I are teaching every other week through Philippians. It’s been…interesting. I would say that I’m still far from comfortable. I’m feeling wholly inadequate, which I know in a lot of ways is a good thing for a preacher to feel, but at the same time I have to be clear enough to explain the Scripture. I have yet to feel like I’ve done a good job, but people keep telling me that I’m doing a good job. I dunno.

    I agree that head knowledge without practical application, not just in applying it to our lives but teaching other people to apply it to theirs, is worthless and for that reason, and many others, I’m so thankful to be able to do this. I remember being at Master’s and being frustrated that I was learning so much and feeling like I was better equipped than when I had arrived, but I had no conceivable outlet. I was in a school where most everyone was an aspiring theologian or aspiring to be the wife of one and all the opportunities to serve in churches in the area had waiting lists. Being a part of my church for this and innumerable other reasons has been fantastic.

    I am loved indeed. As are you!

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