YouTube is a funny thing.

We started here:

And within 4 clicks we were here:

I’m issuing a challenge. How far off track can you get in 5 clicks? You should comment with your beginning and ending video. Go.


5 Responses to YouTube is a funny thing.

  1. Kelly says:

    Okay, Bryan. I tried it too. I started with a search of “Muppet Babies”- I dont’ know where my inspiration comes from. Got this, of course:

    And then I went through, a “David the Gnome” intro, to a “Hey Dude” intro, and then a montage of childhood memories thing, and finally, this:

  2. Kelly says:

    hhhmmm. didn’t work. well, I ended at the Spanish version to the opening of Blossom.
    or did it work? it says that it’s awaiting moderation… I don’t get this stuff.

  3. bryangumpy says:

    That was awesome. I think her sweater is my favorite part of all of that.

  4. Casey L. says:

    I hadn’t taken the time to actually watch your videos on here until now (sorry). But that “Furry Happy Monsters” video is one I’m quite familiar with. It comes on Sesame Street somewhat regularly. I think there are only about 4 different episodes’ worth of stuff on that show, and they just mix it up in different orders.

    I love how they got the one puppet to look just like the B-52’s lady, though.

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