To Answer Your Questions.

Since announcing our engagement, the volume of questions has been near overwhelming. “How did you ask? Where did you do it? How long have you guys been together? When’s the date?” and one of my personal favorites, “You’ve been dating someone?”

Yes. Yes, I have.

For you Chico folks who have been there pretty much every step of the way, this will be old news so don’t feel obligated to read. For everyone else, I’m going to attempt to be thorough, despite brevity and being concise being my forte.

Rachel and I met at Dutch Bros. in early March. I was working the night shift and she drove up thinking she was going to get a nice warm Chai, not a husband. However, God is awesome and without getting too far ahead of myself, He decided to provide both. I spend a lot of my time at work talking to customers, however not often do I spend an hour talking to someone who had never been by before. We spent the last hour that Dutch Bros. was open talking about everything from work to our mutual love of Volkswagens to the differences between an Elk and a Moose. Seriously.

Now I had never asked a stranger out before but after 45 minutes, I hardly felt like we were strangers. I gathered some courage and asked her, “You have tomorrow off and I don’t work until 6. What’s for lunch tomorrow?”

Her response was to start rummaging around her car and pick up a box of gummy bears and raise an eyebrow with a frown. My thought was, “Wow. This girl would rather eat gummy bears for lunch than let me take her out. Ouch.” But I salvaged what confidence I had left and continued the conversation. After telling me she had to go every 5 minutes for about 25, she starts rummaging around her car again. “What are you looking for?”, I asked with eager anticipation.

“Something to write my number on.”, was her response.


Well the next day, I guess the gummy bears weren’t looking so good. I got a text message saying that she was hungry and wondering if we were still on for lunch. Unfortunately, I had just finished lunch with Augie but was I going to say no to a girl who had captivated me using only her words and her smile for an hour? No. So I faked hunger and we met up for lunch. Probably the only time I’ve ever gotten a salad at Chipotle. I guess I didn’t fake hunger so well after all. Long story short, since the day I met her, unless one of us has to leave town, we’ve been together every day.

So fast forward 6 months.

How did I propose? Well she had never been to San Francisco before. I love cruisin around the city, I love the bay, and shoot, I love the food. I’d been trying to take her on a day trip there ever since I found out she’d never been. Well last Thursday ended up being the day.

She thought I had to work all day. Little did she know I’d been trying for days to get that day off and finally had the day before. So Thursday morning I ring her doorbell and leave a note telling her that we’d been together 6 months and that it was time to celebrate (Which was true, but hardly the reason). I told her to dress warm and to bring a nice change of clothes. So I pick her up 45 minutes later and we hit the road. The entire drive I was changing our destination. First I told her we were going to a casino in Oroville and that’s why I had taken the day off. Then once we passed Oroville I told her I changed my mind and we were going to start our day with breakfast at the Black Bear Diner in Gridley. From there our destination changed to Yuba City, then Woodland, then Davis, then Vacaville, then Vallejo, and finally we ended up in San Francisco.

We had lunch on the wharf, she barked at the sea lions at Pier 39, and we meandered in and out of a lot of the shops. We had talked about how neither of us can go to the mall without feeling like we’re at work and how nice it would be to be able to go to a mall just to walk around and look at stuff. So we went to the mall by Union Square and some of the big stores there. We learned things about each other. Like when we’re watching football together, we need to remember that I made it through 15 minutes in Sephora and that sometimes we do things that just one of us enjoy because we love each other. In Urban Outfitters, we learned that I should never wear V-Necks, but it was worth the laughs.

So after that it was time to get to our dinner reservation about 20 minutes outside of San Francisco. Let me tell you, changing into nice clothes in a Shell Station bathroom makes for a funny memory. Especially when one of you has curl her hair and shave her legs. Seriously, funny stuff. Thankfully we made our dinner reservation on time. Good thing too. I made the reservation for half an hour before sunset. I’m workin on getting some pictures up but no luck yet. Dinner was overlooking the Pacific right at sunset. After dinner we took a walk on the beach and then right there with waves crashing a few feet behind us, I asked her to marry me. Oh yeah, and she said yes.

Before every noteworthy event of our lives, myself and the other grandchildren take pictures in front of my grandparents’ fireplace. My aunt deemed it only fitting that we had our picture taken there that night as well. If we look a little haggard, it’s because it’s 2am after a really long day.

So there you are. That’s the short version of our story. Any questions?


14 Responses to To Answer Your Questions.

  1. laura says:

    AWWW how cute! i’m happy for ya

  2. Michelle says:

    It’s such a sweet story! ^^

  3. Nicole says:

    Yay Gumpy!!! Im excited for you. As long as you are happy, then I am happy for you!! Congraduations.

    oh…question…..when is the wedding?

  4. Casey L. says:

    So when is the date?

  5. Laurie says:

    Where’d Rachel get those fantastic shoes?!

  6. Aaron says:

    I didn’t know you guys like VWs! We should go on a road trip (or even just a double date) in the Sportwagen!

  7. shanon says:

    way to go gumpy! she’s super cute!!! i’m so happy for you!

    you one of the first to get hitched in our class I think and bethany is married… but i don’t know anyone else.

    she looks like a keeper!

    talk to ya later friend,

  8. bryangumpy says:

    It’s looking like late February, maybe early March.

  9. Casey L. says:

    That’s good–long engagements are retarded.

  10. Augie says:

    Your pants kind of look like bell bottoms in that photo. Hawt. ;o)

  11. bryangumpy says:

    yeah, I was noticing that.

  12. augiefash says:

    But you stance it well. I think it could work well for you.

    How bout you and me go do some rollerdisco?

  13. Rachel says:

    Augie, are you getting all up on my boo?

  14. Rachel says:

    Post another blog. Gosh.

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