Election Thoughts.


2 Responses to Election Thoughts.

  1. Dan Gumpy says:

    OK, I just might be one of those people sending those million e-mails, OK I R one of them I confess. But in defense of “those” people, I understand that we are to trust in god and that he is in control and I believe that, I also know that god gave us all a brain, a heart, and two arms and legs I feel the we are compelled to use what we have to stand up for the truth, I know only that my own understanding of how I might affect or be affected by the will of god is dwarfed by the enormity of the very thought of the subject. so I try not to lean on my own understanding and try to speak what I know to be the truth. I know that a democratic victory cannot end the church, but I also wonder what a million E-mails might have done in 1936 to bring attention to what was happening then in Germany.would 6 million Jews have been left instead of what happened? while I know that may be over dramatic to draw that correlation to now, maybe a million E-mails might have been just the thing in 1976 to help stop Roe -v- Wade and possibly stem the approx 43 million abortions that have been done since then in this country. something to ponder …. also if God doesn’t want me to send these E-mails then why did he give me this computer? hmmm ?

  2. an intriguing article with even more intriguing comments…

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