Merit > Demerit

“If God himself bows before His own law, what more can be done? There is more in the atonement by way of merit, than there is in all human sin by way of demerit.”

-C.H. Spurgeon

2 Responses to Merit > Demerit

  1. Aaron says:

    This is a doctrine that is so near and dear to my heart! (Although I had never heard Spurgeon’s wording of it…) This is why it took me such a long time to accept the doctrine of Limited Atonement, because the word “limited” can be interpreted to mean something other than it means in this case. The efficacy of atonement is truly infinite and unlimited: Jesus was so infinitely perfect and holy that his sacrifice is sufficient to atone for the sins of an infinite number of sinners, no matter how heinous their sins! This is also why so many people prefer the name “Particular Redemption”. I don’t mind Limited Atonement as long as people understand the definition as opposed to the name.

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